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In the absence of gravitational pull, which is the natural force of attraction exerted on us by the Earth, the body feels completely free of any sensation of weight. This state of weightlessness is known as zero gravity. It can be achieved by going into space, or through the somewhat easier option of enjoying an S3 ZeroG Experience. Our modified plane gives everyone the chance to freely float like an astronaut and live out the ultimate experience of zero gravity. 15 parabolas, each providing between 20 and 25 seconds of weightlessness, are performed in the course of a 90 minutes flight.


Our modified Airbus offers the ultimate ZeroG experience

Flights are supervised by space professionals and a crew of qualified personnel. As from 2016, the ZeroG experience is within everyone's reach: flights are offered at affordable prices and in more than 15 locations across the world including Asia, the Middle East and North America.

VIP Room

This very exclusive part of our Airbus A340 welcomes up to 12 participants for the whole zone, with several options that can be discussed to offer a tailor-made experience. VIP participants will receive an S3 ZeroG Exclusive Swiss Timepiece and will be able to bring home their S3 Flight Suit.                                                                                                                                                                

Premium Zone

This luxurious section of our Airbus A340 offers more room for each of a maximum of 28 participants. S3 ZeroG Premium Experiences​ are available for 7'500 CHF each and include special activities such as playing with liquids and balloons. Participants will receive an S3 ZeroG Exclusive Swiss Timepiece and will be able to bring home their S3 Flight Suit.          

Party Zone

In this zone, which caters for up to 40 participants, S3 ZeroG Party Experiences​ are available for as little as 2'950 CHF.

This is the world's most affordable ZeroG experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              





The S3 ZeroG Experience


Microgravity research flights and associated logistics and support


Soaring at 50'000 feet in the middle of the night...




Swiss Space Systems Holding SA is a Swiss company founded in 2012 in Payerne, Switzerland that ambitions to introduce the first wide-body zero gravity flight experience worldwide.

In addition, the long term objective of the S3 Group is to develop, build, certify and operate suborbital shuttles for small satellite deployment, up to 250kg.

Fert et Cie

Fert & Cie has been based in Geneva since 1871. This renowned company employs 80 people and is known as a transport and custom travel specialist: Travel Designers, Yachting, Cruises, Golf, Asia, Pure Snow, Business Travel, Groups and Events (MICE).


The International Travel Partnership network brings together 61 travel professional partners, present in 55 countries to provide an unparalleled global quality service.

Jean-Claude Fert, President of the ITP network, likes to quote the ITP slogan «Locally Managed, Globally Supported» because it translates to the perfection the strength of this network. Market leader in their respective countries, each local partner offers an exceptional service that meets the most stringent requirements in order to exceed the expectations of their customers. By the same token, the worldwide network coverage ensures reliability and competitiveness of unrivaled offers.

Hi Fly

Established in 2005 in Portugal, Hi Fly completed the process to be certified as an airline company in 2006. They
have been granted an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) by INAC (Portuguese civil aviation authority). Hi Fly complies
with all EU - OPS (EU regulations setting a standard in terms of safety, passengers and cargo procedures) and
EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) requirements, the most stringent worldwide. Hi Fly completed the IOSA
(IATA Operational Safety Audit) certification in September 2011. Hi Fly Group has operational bases in Portugal
and Malta.

S3 ZeroG Experience



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