Your Exclusive Zero Gravity Watch

S3 ZeroG TAGHeuer Formula 1

VIP and Premium Boarding Passes

S3 will start offering its ZeroG Experiences in december 2016, in more than fifteen locations worldwide, including Asia, Middle East and North America.

These flights of around two hours aboard an Airbus A340-300 will each include 15 parabolas lasting between 20 to 25 seconds and providing for an experience of total weightlessness similar to that of an astronaut in space.

VIP and Premium Experience equipment will include the S3 TAG Heuer Chronograph Formula 1, an S3 Exclusive ZeroG Swiss Timepiece specially designed and crafted for this purpose.

The S3 TAG Heuer Chronograph Formula 1 will also serve as a boarding pass for VIP and Premium members and will not be commercialized outside the S3 ZeroG Experience.

The world's most beautiful boarding pass?

This TAG Heuer​ Chronograph Formula 1 with a quartz movement accurate to a tenth of a second, in steel with a titanium carbide coating, featuring 25 seconds in red on the minute track - the time spent by passengers at ZeroG.

The watch bears the S3 logo in the 6 o'clock counter on the dial, and comes with a black rubber strap also stamped with the S3 logo. The piece is engraved on the back with the plane's curve, which rises at 45°, as a souvenir of the passengers' extraordinary experience.

Along with their flight suit, the lucky partakers in the S3 ZeroG VIP and Premium Experience will be entitled to keep this authentic high-performance and functional instrument for professionals, water-resistant to 100 meters, as mementoes representing the equipment having accompanied them during this unique and unforgettable moment.