Frequently Asked


What are zero gravity flights?

Zero gravity is defined as the absence of gravitational pull, which is the natural force of attraction exerted on us by the earth. Zero gravity results in a feeling of weightlessness, allowing bodies and materials to move completely freely. Zero gravity can be achieved by going into deep space, far from any gravitational body such as planets and stars; by going into orbit, such as on the International Space Station, where the earths gravitational pull is minimal; or by taking one of our a parabolic flights - by far the easiest option!

How long is a ZeroG flight?

The flight lasts less than 2 hours, during which time 15 parabolas, each providing 20 to 25 seconds of reduced gravity or weightlessness, are performed.

How safe are ZeroG flights?

These flights are very safe. The main space agencies (NASA, ESA, Roscosmos, JAXA) have been operating them for several decades, and our aircraft is certified for parabolic flights and more precise than other platforms presently available.

Can everyone take a ZeroG flight?

Participants must be over 8 years old. Participants between 8 and 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. A general practician should be consulted to check participant fitness for zero gravity flights in cases of pregnancy, heart conditions, back problems, or other medical conditions listed on the medical history form which must be filled signed by all participants.

The written permission of a doctor is mandatory for participants with any of the medical conditions indicated on the form. General medical information about zero gravity flights can be downloaded here (fr).

The medical form to be filled in and signed will be sent to the participants as part of the documents related to the purchase of an S3 ZeroG Experience in a later phase.

Can S3 ZeroG Experiences be purchased from someone else?

Yes, but all registered participants must complete the necessary medical and administrative documents. If a registered participant fails to fulfil the requirements, it is the purchaser's responsibility to find a replacement and to notify S3 Solutions SA at least 30 days before flight.

Are reservations transferable?

Reservations are not transferable. However, S3 Solutions SA reserves the right to treat documented requests submitted by email or in writing.

What are the payment terms?

Purchasers who reserved their ZeroG experience through the website will then receive an invoice for the ordering costs, either from S3 or from a local company. The purchasers will then receive an invoice requesting the remaining costs of the ZeroG experience.

Are refunds possible?

Please refer to the S-3 Circle regulations (fr​) and terms and conditions (fr).

What about trip cancellation insurance?

Please refer to the S-3 Circle regulations (fr​) and terms and conditions (fr​).

What is the place of jurisdiction?

The main place of jurisdiction for commercial litigation is Switzerland.

What are the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions of reservation can be dowloaded here (fr). Additional regulations defining the purchase framework can be found here (fr).

General medial information about zero gravity flights can be dowloaded here (fr​). 

Can passengers take photographs of their ZeroG Experience?

Participants are not permitted to carry cameras with them for security reasons. This also applies to any other device capable of capture video footage.

Can S3 Solutions SA use footage of ZeroG Experiences?

Cameras are located on board, and passengers should be aware that they may be filmed. By signing the terms and conditions, passengers agree that S3 ZeroG reserves the right to use some footage for its own advertising. Passengers also accept that S3 ZeroG reserves the right to allow the media to shoot and broadcast images of ZeroG flights.